Fluency Correlation and Orchestration

Constant Vigilance

Fluency correlates events from network and host data; validates them; and orchestrates a response. Fluency’s patented correlation approach allows machine learning and artificial intelligent (ML-AI) algorithms to have a holistic view of activity. Fluency’s RiskScore uses ML-AI to validate events with constant diligence. This means that orchestration and notification triggers are more accurate, and are validated by a combination of supporting vectors. Automating the correlation and validation events allow customers to stop human 7×24 monitoring, and instead focus on those activities that require true expertise.

Every Thing You Need

One Cannot Secure What One Cannot See

Machine Learning

The growth of information continues to abide by tenets of Moore’s law, doubling every two years. Fluency eases the deployment of big data in consumer space, and making it usable by leveraging Machine Learning to get through data.

Event Insight

It is the combination of increased storage capacity and search speed that allows people to see and consume more. This same insight allows machine learning and artificial intelligence to also have better insight.  Fast answers supported by analytics makes event management effective and scalable.


Fluency’s unprecedented capacity enables you to handle tomorrow’s needs. Fluency cloud implementation even extends capacity for years. Fluency routinely support customers processing tens of billions events per day.

See What Fluency® Can Do

Fluency® offers fast and complete network, and network log, insight.
Combining big data and event correlation,

  • Fast and Complete
    fast & complete network, & network log, insight.
    Combining big data & event correlation.

  • Fast Data Access
    We Make data access faster, and simultaneously presents
    related data, resulting in faster insight and improved vision.

  • Related Data
    Fluency is the only event management system that tracks &
    computes event data & data relationships automatically,

  • increase accuracy
    You will be able to perform work quicker, with increased
    accuracy, saving time and money.

How Fluency® Works

Benefits Of Big Data Event Management

Fluency® is a modern approach to security event management

Resolves Issues

Fluency resolves issues. Problems persist despite having the skilled personnel on hand to diagnose the cause. Fluency ends the ignorance and allows the network to operate effectively.

Fast Responding

Use your time responding, not waiting. Analysts spend thirty to forty-five minutes trying to validate an event. At that rate, a person is limited to handling sixteen events per day

Fast Growing

Fluency is designed for growth. While relational databases are stressing to keep up, data keeps growing. Fluency is designed to grow with your data, without increasing search time.

97% of traffic flows are not available to analyze when responding to an incident.

The Numbers

Fluency® is a modern approach to security event management

More Than

12 Billion

Events Per Day

More Than


Events Per Second

Less Than

1 Second

To Search it All

News & Blog

Fluency® is a modern approach to security event management


What is Orchestration?

Orchestration is a system of autonomic actions.  A common example…

Is the issue security or network, and does it matter?

When there is a connectivity issue, the security staff is often the first people contacted. The general thought for a bad connection is, “It must be the firewall that’s blocking the connection.” However, after spending a day tracing the connection and evaluating the network, it is equally likely to be a networking issue.

Kill The Checkbox

The greatest drawback to good security is the culture of running security by the checkbox as opposed to by results. The checkbox represents the paradox between efficiency and security.

About Us

Fluency® is reinventing security software, incorporating the newest technologies to make network and security operations scale and be effective. Fluency was founded by Chris Jordan and Kun Luo, whose previous product company was acquired by McAfee. Based in the Washington DC metro area, this team is known for their technology innovations. They are business entrepreneurs who have a passion for operations and solutions. Focused on generating true value to their customers, Fluency is built from the ground up. Fluency’s first patent was approved earlier in 2016, and the team continues performing full stack development, listening to our customers, and innovating.