Fluency Decision-Based Approach to Orchestration

Actionable Security Analytics

Fluency is a pioneer in Security Analytics and Orchestration (SAO). We think Analytics and not Automation. Other SAO products typically focus only on the playbook, chaining integration from one device to another. A pure playbook approach maintains silo decision making that orchestration is meant to remove. Fluency focuses on security analytics, fusing all incoming data, providing a merged view, and assigning risk scores. Fluency Security Analytics are a “measure twice, cut once” mentality. From this risk-based approach, decisions are made empowering orchestrated response. The focus on the decision is pivotal in preventing the amplification of false positives as well as improper responses to low-risk events.

Essential to Efficiency

With more data, increased network complexity, and staffing restraints, there is a reason for data anxiety. Security analytics is no longer a nice to have but is an essential.

Scale Talent

While data is becoming more complex and the amount of data grows, your security talent remains the same. Fluency allows talent to scale by automating tasks and presenting validated data. Staff’s intelligence can be focused on decisions and not searching for data.

Security Analytics

Fluency uses a big data approach for analytics to perform better with a dense amount of diverse data. Fluency scores this data in real time, providing unmatched vigilance. With analytic transparency, a staff is provided more than just a number, they are provided understanding.

Single View

Putting all the data in one spot creates one giant haystack. A Single View approach means that data is correlated, new information is merged and duplicated information removed. When this is done across the stack from network-to-device-to-user, decision making vision is achieved.

How Fluency® Works

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Fluency® is a modern approach to security event management


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See What Fluency® Can Do

Fluency® offers security analytics that scales talent.  Focused on process efficiency, fusion, and transparent analytics, Fluency provides unprecedented decision making analytics.

Transparent Analytics

Fluency Analytics Scoring system provides insight into How the system scored the event. Knowing what elements support the threat provides analysts understanding.

Real Time Everything

Despite having one of the fastest databases in the industry, Fluency implements in-memory analysis at all times. This allows higher events per second and realtime analytics.


When the time comes to orchestrate response, Fluency is ready for you.  Fluency already has lambda hooks to implement orchestration play books.  A node red plugin allows for an easy-to-use graphical interface to drop and drag response processes.


Fluency’s patent on super imposing data means that a single view of an event is created from diverse products. Fluency relates device, user, network and alert data into a single record. This makes searching and analytics more powerful and more insightful.



Benefits Of Big Data Event Management

Fluency® is a modern approach to security event management

Resolves Issues

Fluency resolves issues. Problems persist despite having the skilled personnel on hand to diagnose the cause. Fluency ends the ignorance and allows the network to operate effectively.

Fast Responding

Use your time responding, not waiting. Analysts spend thirty to forty-five minutes trying to validate an event. At that rate, a person is limited to handling sixteen events per day

Fast Growing

Fluency is designed for growth. While relational databases are stressing to keep up, data keeps growing. Fluency is designed to grow with your data, without increasing search time.

97% of traffic flows are not available to analyze when responding to an incident.

The Numbers

Fluency® is a modern approach to security event management

More Than

12 Billion

Events Per Day

More Than


Events Per Second

Less Than

30 Seconds

To Search it All

About Us

Fluency® is reinventing security software, incorporating the newest technologies to make network and security operations scale and be effective. Fluency was founded by Chris Jordan and Kun Luo, whose previous product company was acquired by McAfee. Based in the Washington DC metro area, this team is known for their technology innovations. They are business entrepreneurs who have a passion for operations and solutions. Focused on generating true value to their customers, Fluency is built from the ground up. Fluency’s first patent was approved earlier in 2016, and the team continues performing full stack development, listening to our customers, and innovating.